Kidnapped baby TONYE NDOGNDJOG Emmanuel lives with Member of the Maternal Family

‘My name is NDOGNDJOG Michel, I impregnated a girl whom I catered for before, during and after pregnancy on October 5 2012. From the day of birth till November 21st when my boy was kidnapped, I have had no rest with the naming and the welfare of the child. My son’s Maternal uncle tells me kidnappers text him a message demanding 2 million CFA Francs against the release of the child on or before November 25, 2012. I did not have that kind of money and so I missed 7 death attempts. I seek for justice in the eyes of the law: I want my child released + my freedom as a patriotic and peaceful citizen who has every right to father a child and live peacefully in my country. I have been openly told that the law cannot save me because the haves fighting me have bought the minds of the legal actors. Don’t I deserve to stay with my son? How can I re-thrive my son?’

These are the lamentations of NDOGNDJOG bearer of ID card No 108024275, biological father of little TNE born on the 5th of October 2012 at the Cite des Palmiers District Hospital in Douala following the birth declaration NGO MONGO Georgette 768/2012. After facing problems related to naming his boy, threats of loosing him to an unknown and unfateful condition, November 21st 2012 blows a drastic square peg going in a round hole. While working to earn a few francs for the upkeep of mother of child, an abscond is planned in his absence awaiting an immediate payment of a 2 Million worth ransom.In the face of this complex and confusing heartbreaking discovery, the kidnapped baby’s father is accused for abducting his own son.

‘Curiously enough, the maternal uncle of my son’s Mother, who until now has not fathered a child of his own, read out a message from the kidnappers asking a ransom worth 2 Million against my boy’s release. I asked bitterly: And how did they manage to reach the wrong source? Are you by any chance the father of the boy?’

A Question amidst others which triggers more threats against the accessed victim. Assessing the bone of contention from every angle, fingers kept pointing at the baby’s mother being an accomplice of the baby theft in broad daylight at the family’s Beedi residence.

Georgette on her part plays indifferent to the myth claiming her ignorance and innocence. Phone calls between many parties give facts that the child’s mother masterminded everything to extort money from little Tonye’s father for the family. Another cousin even testifies that Mother of child sold her son to her uncle for 1 Million CFA Francs to cover up for the shame. Meantime, the biological father has missed 7 death threats and attempts thanks to divine intervention. The complex nature of the story leaves the 28 year old father to cry out for justice, if not to recover his son, his offspring, his heir from child traffickers who boldly tell him to the face, he can’t do anything because they make and choke the laws at will.

How Just is Justice to save this voice in the wilderness yearning for help? The Billion CFA question people of goodwill ponder on.
A detailed version of this story in picture on Stv, Saturday August 31st 2013.

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