Leila Kigha unravels spicy gists on her noble personality

1) If you were a flower,a book, a meal, an adage, a model, a plant, an artist, a word, Leila What will you be?Leila KIGHA: A flower-rose, a book -the bible,a meal-okro,a model-Jesus Christ, an artist-Michael Angelo,a word-love

2) Who is Leila KIGHA?

Leila KIGHA: A lady, passionate about making our society and world a live-able place. Sharing tangibly the love of God.

3) What are some of your fears as you move on? What keeps you wide awake at night?
Leila KIGHA: What if I were to tell you I have no fear or cause to stay awake at night except of course am working on something very important.
I am safe and secured in Christ! Fear is not an option!

4)Administrator:  5 things you like, dislike, and would want the World to have?

Leila KIGHA: Jesus Christ and the rest; love, joy, peace, hope, prosperity flows from Him!

5)Administrator: What do these words evoke in your innermost mind:’Nation Building’: Ask not what the nation has done for you but what you can do for the nation.

Spiritual Upliftment: The gospel is the basis for everything

Girl Child Education: Education for all is a right for all

Misery, Poverty: State of the world today and predominantly a result of a mindset.
Street Child Phenomenon, Sales and Traffic of Children: Predominant in Cameroon especially in urban centers. As a matter of fact Amy, We offer education to these Various groups of persons because we believe a man with quality education that can build an identity will forge ahead in a world of chaos. Reason why we created an institute for professional practices (IPP).
We also offer physical,medical,financial assistance to these persons at least 4 times a year nationwide.
6) How fundamental is it for Leila to find peace, love and the fear of GOD ringing in minds, acts and speech of peaceful and patriotic people?
Answer:The fear of God they say is the beginning of wisdom, there is no force on this planet n beyond that can bring peace,love,joy to the hearts of men like the fear of God which is the love of God shed abroad our hearts by the Holy Spirit in the Person of Jesus Christ.
Administrator: After talking on Voice of the Voiceless exclusive to STV on Supporting the Widowers, Widows and orphans for self reliance, a workshop was organised by the ANWA to drill these usually distressed persons on how to grief and move forward with life, how crucial was it for you to organize this talk at the Littoral delegation for Women’s Empowerment and the Family, and how did you impart the lives of the attendees?

LK 1

Leila KIGHA:It was indeed a memorable moment because we were plunged into another world in need.We saw their plight and offered what we had with so much love. We also gave several of them an opportunity to register free of charge in our Institute for Professional Practices and learn something practical for self sustenance.
8) How important is education and character for an appropriate personality build?
Education is very important.We cannot overemphasis it.
Dr Shawn Smith said “the heart of education is the education of the heart” this kind of education that builds,molds and transforms is not found in classrooms.it is of a wisdom higher than men,
That is the education that builds character,that sustains your personality.
Administrator: We understand you run the Christian radio FM 107 which builds up virtues in listeners every day, What is a day of work like and how do you embody all these tasks, besides your specialty of consultancy and translation?
Leila KIGHA: Well, a typical work day for me can start as early as 1am or 8am etc, It depends on what the day has in store.
By the grace and enablement of God I am able to juggle between all I have been privileged and assigned to do without getting tired!! There is no moment am not working hahahahaha. It has become a lifestyle!
Administrator: Before now, you were the Prime Time TV News Anchor of a private media organ in Douala, where you also served as the English News editor, how different is TV from Radio Business and why the switch, just when fans were loving you, and are seriously missing you now?
Leila KIGHA: hahahaah Its good to know someone out there appreciates and appreciated my work. Radio and TV are similar in almost all aspects but for the mystery that surrounds the voice you hear on radio…
As exciting as TV.Can be,life; It is all about purpose and when you have been apprehended for a cause, your life is determined by that course. Radio for now is the means through which I can stand and share what it stands for..like I said for now… Hhahahaahaah
11) Administrator : How easy was it for a female Editor in chief to run the activities of a News Desk in a French speaking zone?
Leila KIGHA: hahahah well not easy at all because we all know ENGLISH unfortunately to some Cameroonians is synonymous to mediocrity, but like I always say,you cannot give me an identity I do not identify with. That’s how I sailed through,stayed true to who I am and the rest aligned themselves.
Another secret :work!! Never for one second did I do anything else!
12) Administrator: What is Journalism, News presentation for you today and does the local media landscape reflects the values of professionalism and the absolute respect of ethics?
Leila KIGHA: Journalism,News anchoring,reporting etc I must say is improving in our nation,the proof: several are going international but my fear is the landscape back home has a lot of work when it comes to professionalism and ethics.
13)Administrator: How does it feel to be a media consultant who is perfect in Christ but in moral decadent World today?
Leila KIGHA: one thing is certain, you want the world to see from where you stand.The possibility of perfection in Christ which flows from within and affects our world without;the people make the world. A perfection conscious generation will change the world!!
14)Administrator: With the closure of Pentecostal Churches setting flames and fumes in many families, what words can you give these broken homes so they do not loss total hope in Christ through whom Salvation is guaranteed?
Leila KIGHA: Christianity is not a religion,it is a lifestyle,it is a culture that comes with abundance,peace and joy. Irrespective of what happens without, nothing has changed in the security and assurance we have in Christ. That is our story!
15) Career women and Marriage + Motherhood: A Myth or A Matter?
Leila KIGHA: it is possible!! Wisdom is a gift from God how to handle both!
Amy I have known you a while and seen you grow in passion,skill,love for humanity and the profession,this is just the beginning in your life of greatness!!

16) Let us go personal,if you permit us, what is your favourite dish, what do you do with your spare time (if you have any) and what are your future projects as Leila Kigha, the Radio Manager of FM 107, and the PRO of A New World Altogether?
Leila KIGHA: I enjoy eating a well prepared dish called kwacoco hhahaha
I use my spare time reading and I have lots of interesting projects in the pipeline. We will share when the time is right. Thank you. hahahahah

About amybanda01

I am a purpose driven African woman of Cameroon origin. I enjoy exchanging New and Brilliant Ideas for growth, watching News and Movies, Practicing Journalism to inspire as a pace setter and going on Adventure. I run 3 flagship programs 'Monuments', 'Views, Voices $ Visions' and 'Cameroon's Crow' every 1st and 3rd Wednesday at 9.30pm, Saturday at 10am and Tuesday/Thursday at 6.30am respectively on Ltm TV. On my page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Amy-Banda/454524697979291?fref=ts details of certain topics on my show are discussed. Brain behind 'Voice of the Voiceless' and the relaunch of 'Good Morning Cameroon' show on Stv, I empower the youth towards innovation, self belief, talent discovery and personal development, nurturing a hardworking spirit and branding on most of my shows. I Love making new friends and I enjoy informing in tit bits.
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4 Responses to Leila Kigha unravels spicy gists on her noble personality

  1. Enih Azobo says:

    Wow, Leila is really an inspiration. Going through her interview, i learned from each word she uttered. You are a role model. And like never before, i know nothing can limit me. Just know you inspire a lot of people out there, we shall all join together to make sure our country transforms to an ideal one, God being our helper.

  2. Josephine Nchang says:

    I miss Leila the Anchor on Ltm TV.

  3. lkigha says:

    wow Enih
    i must say u are the inspiration!u just inspired me!!

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