The Frontier Market Scouts Fellowship at the Monterey Institute of International Studies

Fellowship in Social Enterprise Management and Impact Investment

The Frontier Market Scouts Fellowship at the Monterey Institute of International Studies

Winter and Summer 2014 Applications Available.

The Frontier Market Scouts (FMS) Program selects and trains social enterprise professionals who desire a career in social venture management and impact investing.  Jointly developed and managed by the Monterey Institute of International Studies, Sanghata Global, and Village Capital, the FMS program turns compassionate and capable  professionals into talent scouts and investment managers serving local entrepreneurs and social-minded investors in low-income and weak-capital regions of the world.


The scouts provide due diligence for investors and technical assistance for entrepreneurs with the goal of generating high-quality deal flows and supporting portfolio companies at a low cost.  The Scouts’ mission is to enable the enterprising poor to scale poverty alleviation in capital-weak areas of emerging markets, while gaining career defining and life changing experience.


The Opportunity

Frontier Market Scouts is offering an innovative, unmatched training program in impact investment and social enterprise management. This is followed by a 6-month internship in regions with active social entrepreneurial development activities and identified potential partners, including but not limited to: Beirut, Nairobi, Mumbai, Guatemala, Peru, Colombia, Hong Kong, London, Mexico City, Istanbul, Sao Paolo, Belize, and numerous other locations. Placements are also available in the United States.


Placement partners include but are not limited to:

  • Village Capital (
    • Scouts assist Village Capital in either managing / setting-up existing social enterprise accelerator programs, or searching for new potential accelerator opportunities around the globe, or sourcing deal flow for upcoming accelerator programs. A scout’s primary responsibility is working to connect social entrepreneurs with impact investors and       providing them with the tools they need to successfully complete the accelerator process.
    • Internship opportunities exist in over 15 countries around the globe
    • William James Foundation (WJF) Scouts assist WJF in identifying companies and mentors for their mentorship and investment programs while also following-up with       social enterprises currently working with WJF.
    • Countries/Regions of interest include India, Ghana, Liberia and other English-Speaking regions
  • Invested Development (
    • Founded in 2009, ID is a leading innovator in early-stage financing for tech start-ups. ID funds start-ups that are committed to serving the world’s underserved markets. In 2011, ID launched the BSP Fund, a seed-stage equity fund for mobile/ICT, alternative energy, and agriculture technology start-ups. To date, the BSP Fund has made eleven investments across eight countries. After seeing the working capital strain that start-ups face in emerging markets, ID responded with the Impact Factoring Fund (IFF) in 2012. The IFF provides working capital to growth-stage technology companies in emerging markets.
  • Frontier Market Scouts at Invested Development can expect to work in Kenya and report directly to senior management. Assignments are spread across the company’s key functions of finance, investment, research, marketing, and pipeline development functions and are tailored the intern’s skills. All projects require a high level of independence, flexibility and comfort working in low-resource environments.
  • Shell Foundation
    • A number of six-month internship opportunities are available with Shell Foundation’s       energy and Small/Medium Enterprise finance partners in India and Africa, such as M-Kopa (Kenya), Intellegrow (India), and Dharma (India).


Please visit our website ( for updated placement opportunities. 


How Does the Fellowship Program Work?


The winter 2014 Frontier Market Scouts Program provides an intensive two – week training session in multiple locations that introduce participants to the world of social impact investing and venture management.  Trainings are based in Monterey, California, Salt Lake City, Utah, and Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. The training prepares participants for the opportunity to work directly with local entrepreneurs and impact investors during a two (summer only) or six-month field program in global hotspots for social entrepreneurship.


FMS has partnered with the Sanghata Global Institute, Village Capital, the Shell Foundation, and Invested Development, among other organizations to provide the human capital needed for the continued development of impact investment and social enterprise as means for poverty alleviation and sustainable development.


Other Terms

  • Training: Leading  professionals in the impact investing and social entrepreneurship industry and Monterey Institute Faculty will provide Scouts with necessary training on how to develop and execute a successful project in the social  enterprise / impact investment management space.  Merit-based partial and full training scholarships are available for highly qualified applications.  For a full description of the training curriculum visit
  • Access: Scouts will be provided with access to the Partner’s worldwide network of incubators, additional partners, entrepreneurs and investors.
  • Support: Field partners, Village Capital, and the Monterey Institute will provide professional guidance and support, and connect Scouts with local partners. Scouts are responsible for making travel and living arrangements with assistance from local partners, Village Capital, and the Monterey Institute
  • Stipend: Partners will provide a minimum stipend of US$200.00 (varying by partner and      location) per month for up to six months.  Additional field program scholarships may      be available.
  • Acceptance: The selection of Scouts will be jointly made by field partners and the FMS Program, and is based on academic performance, professional experience, language ability, and demonstrated interest in the social enterprise/impact investment space.


Timeline: Selected scouts will participate in a pre-departure training; the schedule varies based on location, followed by a two (summer only) or six-month field assignment.


Monterey, California: January 5-18, 2014.

Salt Lake City, Utah: January 11-24, 2014.

Amsterdam: February 2-15, 2014.


Benefits: The FMS Program provides a graduate-level pre-departure training and professional certificate, un-matched experience with industry leaders and projects, and a minimum $200 monthly stipend. Additional funding to offset travel, training, and living costs may be available.


Who are we seeking?

FMS is looking for passionate and pragmatic idealists who hold a strong belief in enterprise and market development as the most important means to large scale and sustainable improvement of living standards in developing countries. The ideal Frontier Market Scout also has a solid background in business and/or management, and a superb aptitude for immersive learning in dramatically different environments.  Applicants should have completed a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalence, although highly qualified undergraduate applicants may also be considered.


A limited number of merit and need-based training scholarships, including full scholarships, are available.


Candidates interested in winter 2014 fellowships should apply by September 1, 2013 (early admission) or October 1, 2013 (regular admission) at Candidates interested in summer 2014 fellowships should apply by February 1, 2014 (early admission) or March 1, 2014 (regular admission).


For more information visit or contact Carolyn Taylor Meyer at (831) 647-6417.

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