For Peace Day 2013, PCDN will livestream the 24 hour Global Broadcast for Peace please share widely

On September 21, 2013, PCDN will be livestreaming the incredible 24 Hour Global Broadcast for Peace that will feature two live concerts and over 20 events from around the world.

To view the activities, please come back to this page on September 21, 2013.

We encourage all PCDN members to share this widely. For those who manage other online communities, it is also possible to embed the livestream event (see below) on your own site and spread the message of Peace Day further than ever. See





2013 Celebration

24-Hour Global Broadcast for Peace

Celebrate the difference one day can make! On Peace Day 21 September we will present 24 hours of incredible live content from all around the world. Tune in and watch the coverage live and transmit the show to your online community.


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At a Glance:

2013 Celebration Videos

See two short films below about the 24-Hour Global Broadcast and the 2013 Celebration concert in The Hague.

Peace Day 2013: Participation from around the world

The Peace One Day 24-hour Global Broadcast involves individuals and organisations from across the globe – representing every continent in the name of peace.

Hangouts Map 13 09 13 Web 2

Click the map to see the incredible range of involvement from every continent of the world this Peace Day





Peace One Day presents:
The Peace One Day Celebration 2013 in The Hague

2013 Concert Poster 12 09 13 Web
Peace One Day has been asked to bring its 2013 Celebration to The Hague to mark the first hundred years of the Peace Palace.

This historic concert in front of the Peace Palace in The Hague will form part of our 24-hour Global Broadcast on Peace Day Saturday 21 September 2013. Since its inauguration, the Peace Palace has become a worldwide icon of Peace and Justice, housing the International Court of Justice, the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA), and the renowned Peace Palace Library.

It’s a great honour to bring the 2013 Celebration to such an historic venue. The show will contain performances from renowned international artists and extraordinary contributions from all over the world, raising awareness of the day and helping to build participation from individuals and organisations in every continent.

Please watch this page, join us on Facebook and follow Jeremy on Twitter for updates – and start thinking about who you will make peace with on Peace Day Saturday 21 September 2013.

To buy tickets to the 2013 Celebration, click here


So far confirmed to perform are:
Artists PAUL VAN DYK Web v2 Artists NATASHA BEDINGFIELD Web v2 Artists CARLINHOS BROWN Web v2 Artists MIGUEL BOSE Web v2
Artists THE FEELING Web v2 Artists JAHMENE DOUGLAS Web v2 Artists KANE Web v2
As part of the 24-hour Global Broadcast scroll down to see the different elements of the experience





Including Contributions from:







medellin web

Live from Medellín


The City of Medellín will be hosting a Peace Day concert for the third year in a row. 2013 promises to be the biggest year yet for Medellín’s Peace Day celebrations, boasting key figures and dignitaries in Colombian society, along with a live concert broadcast as part of Peace One Day’s 24-hour online experience via YouTube Live on Peace Day.

This concert features performances from: Xoel López(Spain), Andrés Gualdrón (Colombia), Rialengo (Preview(Costa Rica), C15 (Colombia) and César López (Preview(Colombia).






Documentary Screening: Peace One Day The Journey


“Whenever I stand in front of a group of people, whether it’s two or two thousand, I talk them through the story of Peace One Day, the development of Peace Day 21 September and where it’s all heading. I tell them about all the different campaigns and the extraordinary growth in awareness and engagement on the day around the world. I do this so that people can understand in a very short space of time how institutionalising a day of peace is just a process. I do it so that people understand that the success of Peace Day is all down to individuals getting involved and taking ownership of the day. That’s what I want to do with this latest documentary – tell a simple story and inspire people to take the lead.” Jeremy Gilley, London, July 2013






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Live Global Moments are coming from:
Afghanistan El Salvador Mexico
Australia The Hague – Corporate Russia
Brazil The Hague – Domestic Violence South Africa
China Iraq Syria
Colombia Israel / Palestine USA
DRC Japan USA-Faith

Peace One Day will bring together its partners to celebrate Peace Day 21 September, by participating in Live Global Moments via the YouTube Live platform, to inspire and empower the people of the world to come together as one on the day.

These will be online forums lasting approximately 30 minutes each. Key individuals representing all the continents of the world, from diverse sectors of society, are being asked to participate, including actors, musicians, artists, high-level United Nations or government officials and representatives of non-governmental and intergovernmental organisations. Social media will be the key driver towards high level visibility, as Peace One Day activates its own networks and those of its partners in all sectors, as well as the online communities of the participants themselves.

Any number of people from around the world will be able watch the Live Global Moments as part of the 24-Hour Global Broadcast on YouTube.

The focus for the questioning will be Peace Day, 21 September and Peace One Day’s 2013 theme ‘Who will you make peace with?’

To see where the participants are based click here:







Act for Peace

A series of interviews with some of the world’s leading actors, talking about Peace and the theme for Peace Day 2013: ‘Who Will You Make Peace With?’

Each interview will include a speech chosen and performed by the actor, relating to peace.

So far confirmed to take part are:
Hosts JUDE LAW Web v2 Act for Peace Sir Michael Caine Act for Peace Gael Garcia Bernal Act for Peace Richard E Grant
Act for Peace Gillian Anderson Act for Peace Dominic Cooper Act for Peace Eddie Izzard Act for Peace Forest Whitaker
Act for Peace Michelle Rodriguez





Song for Peace

During the 24-hours of programming there will be specially created music videos of live performances from previous Peace One Day concerts, as well as interviews with each artist.

So far confirmed to contribute are:


Music Pre-Record 2Cellos Music Pre-Record James Morrison Music Pre-Record Imelda May Music Pre-Record Corinne Bailey Rae
Music Pre-Record AR21 Music Pre-Record Guillemots Music Pre-Record Wonder Villains

To buy Peace One Day albums click here

Visit Peace and Collaborative Development Network at:

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