Reflections cutting across land and virtual boundaries

Thank you all for joining in the celebration of the productive and inspirational life of One Man, reflected in three rare books and Audio CDs: 1) Stand Up! Be Strong! Don’t Quit!

                                                                                         2) Journeying to My Emmaus

                                                                                         3) Lamentation for a Beloved Country

These are all wonderfully crafted, mind-searching and must-read-and-own volumes beautifully weaved in impeccable English, for any one at any level.

That One Man is Mr. Peter ESSOKA.

• As Journalist, Peter Essoka interviewed many Presidents and world leaders.

Some include: 1. Mao Tse Tung and Premier Chou en Lai in 1973

                         2. Idi Amin Dada of Uganda in 1974

                         3. Muammar Ghadafi of Libya in 1974

                         4. Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia in 1976

                         5. Jimmy Carter of the USA in 1977

                         6. Abdou Diouf of Senegal in 1986

                        7. Javier Peres de Cuellar, UN Secretary General in 1988

                        8. Archbishop Desmond Tutu in 1996

                         9. Hughes Mussekela of South Africa in 2001 etc etc.

The Human Rights Activist: • 1991- 2006: Member of the National Commission on Human Rights and Freedoms • 1998 till date: Member of the National Governance Programme • 2005 till date: Member of the Anti-corruption Unit of the Ministry of Justice • 2005 till date: Board Chair of the Trauma Centre of Cameroon

Conferences, Seminars and workshops • Big brother Peter Essoka has in many national and international workshops, seminars and conferences in Dakar (Senegal), Harare (Zimbabwe), Johannesburg (SA), Geneva (Switzerland), Nairobi (Kenya), and Addis Ababa (Ethiopia). etc

Education and Training • He is a proud BOBAN form CPC Bali, Class of 1962 • Uncle P holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English from the University of Yaounde • A Postgraduate Diploma in American Studies and Journalism from the World Press Institute, St. Paul Minnesota, USA • A Masters Degree in Media Communication from Governors State University Park Forest, Illinois, USA • Several trainings in California, Cologne (Germany) etc.

Hobby: Uncle likes Sports, Music, Reading and writing. • Uncle Peter has a lovely family and his three grown up kids describe him as “the best father in the world” despite his failures or shortcomings. • But Peter to is father to every child • Yes, like every mortal, Peter to has his weaknesses, • He is Three Scores plus Ten years plus one-hundred and thirteen days. • Peter enjoys vegetable and enjoys eating Cocki Matobou (a Douala food made of some special beans) • He also enjoys some good “mapangeh” or “Corn Chaff” inherited from CPC Bali • He drinking Coca Cola, but due to advise and warnings from his children, Peter now enjoys natural fruit juice • He usually gets up early at about 1 am to write his reflections • He likes tasting food to make sure it suits his taste balls • He likes cooking as well.

Peter has served humanity tirelessly for several decades He is Retired but Tired. His eyes were never pulled off nor did he become blind in the prison cells.

Permit me describe Mr. Peter Essoka as: • A Frank, Firm, Fair, Fearless but Friendly Cameroonian philosopher. • He is Walking and Talking Library • The Great Teacher

The three books and audio CDs we are about to discover stem from valuable inside knowledge of the society; of the political, economic and social trappings in Cameroon and Africa, for more than half of a century. Uncle P posits: “I feel privileged, if not blessed to be among some Cameroonians, who have lived to see this nation evolve from its hay days of independence to where it is today”.

Who else could have been a better ocular witness of the evolution of Cameroon and continent?

As for me, I am fortunate to have lived to see this ONE MAN who has lived and seen all the worries and Glories of our dear fatherland, Cameroon, and those of Africa and beyond, for about half a century.

Uncle P’s reflections cut across age, sex and backgrounds. It cuts across the various subject areas: sociology, psychology, history, anthropology, economics and philosophy. It talks about society and its people. Above all, these subject areas are in clear and simple English Language.

I recommend everyone to procure at least two complete sets of the books and audio CDs: One set for self and second for a loved one.

Give these volumes to your young children at home to help improve their morals, knowledge and the English that we all want to speak.

These books and audio CDs are particularly useful for those whose first language is not English. Reading and listening to Uncle P will be the fastest way to be fluent in the Queen’s language.

I recommend these works to be bought and donated to our Alma Matter as a contribution to nation building.

A few days ago, the Ministry of Youth and Civic Education organized an International Conference on Civic Education and National Integration. These documents are just perfect to be adopted for the uplifting of internal cohesion in this country.

With effective Citizenship education being thought and still to be evaluated by the Cameroon GCE Board in the years ahead, the various stakeholders represented by some of you here, and considering the inadequate didactic material in the subject area, Uncle P has made things easy for all of us.

Let us all take Peter Essoka’s reflections to our friends, homes and communities. Let us all procure and own copies of these wonderful works.

3 Volumes of Peter ESSOKA's Reflections

About amybanda01

I am a purpose driven African woman of Cameroon origin. I enjoy exchanging New and Brilliant Ideas for growth, watching News and Movies, Practicing Journalism to inspire as a pace setter and going on Adventure. I run 3 flagship programs 'Monuments', 'Views, Voices $ Visions' and 'Cameroon's Crow' every 1st and 3rd Wednesday at 9.30pm, Saturday at 10am and Tuesday/Thursday at 6.30am respectively on Ltm TV. On my page details of certain topics on my show are discussed. Brain behind 'Voice of the Voiceless' and the relaunch of 'Good Morning Cameroon' show on Stv, I empower the youth towards innovation, self belief, talent discovery and personal development, nurturing a hardworking spirit and branding on most of my shows. I Love making new friends and I enjoy informing in tit bits.
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