PCDN Reaches 30,000 Members, Help the Network Grow and Thrive by Supporting Our Work

PCDN Reaches 30,000 Members, Help the Network Grow and Thrive by Supporting Our Work

Dear Colleagues

We are very pleased that this week PCDN has reached 30,000 members.  Since launching in 2007, PCDN has rapidly grown to be the leading online global community of individuals and organizations working in peacebuilding, international development and related fields.

We would like all members to take a minute to explore how you can help ensure PCDN continues to thrive and scale up or work and impact as outlined below. In particular, we rely on members to provide crucial financial support to sustain our operations. We would ask that you consider providing financial support in any amount from $1 and up. If all members for instance gave $5 this would be a tremendous boost and help to dramatically increase our work and staff. Please see below for more details as well as other ways to support PCDN (consider paid advertising, providing suggestions how to improve the network, offer feedback, etc.)

1) PLEASE SUPPORT PCDN PCDN provides a crucial service to the global peacebuilding and social change community. Thousands of organizations and individuals around the world rely on PCDN as a central resource in finding new opportunities, contacts, funding and career opportunities and inspiration about best practices and dealing with challenges in the field. To date, out of our 30,000 members only about 800 have provided financial support for PCDN (this is 3.0% of our membership).

Please think about the value of the network to you and the global community and consider providing a payment to help grow and expand our reach and activities. Any amount of $1 and up is appreciated. Payments can be made by visiting our SUPPORT PCDN PAGE

2) CONSIDER ADVERTISING ON PCDN  – Over the years we have helped dozens of leading organizations around the world recruit students for their academic programs, solicit participants for advanced training opportunities, and find the ideal candidates for professional opportunities. Institutions that advertise on PCDN include Rotary International, Columbia University, University of Edinburgh, International Peace and Security Institute, SaferWorld, American Friends Service Committee, University of Haifa, George Mason University and countless others. If you work for an organization that would be interested in exploring how PCDN can assist you in reaching your goals please get in touch to discuss how we can assist you in reaching your goals and visit our advertising page.

3) Participate in the PCDN Community  – There are countless ways for members to participate on PCDN. Some leading opportunities including:

a) Starting a Blog in which members discuss lessons learned, personal reflections, talk about a conflict in-depth or a peace process, explore ethical questions or more (blogging is also a great way to grow a community and interest in one’s activities and advance a career. For more on why it is essential to blog in today’s social media world see the wonderful entry: The blog is the New CV And Twitter is the New Business Card). To date PCDN has almost 9000 Blog entries.

b) Start a Group on PCDN – members can setup subgroups around themes of interest. A group can be set as an open network (meaning anyone can join) or private (only invited members can join). There are currently over 300 groups on PCDN

c) Post a discussion, event, or multimedia content – For more information see the Guide to Posting

d) Invite others to join PCDN. Our goal by 2015 is to reach 100,000 members. Please help us to achieve this goal by inviting your friends and colleagues to join. You can invite your colleagues directly from the site by clicking on the Invite Page.


4) Use PCDN’s Resource Guides–  Since the founding of PCDN we have developed over 50 resources guides to provide practical guidance and resources on essential topics in the field. These range from the best meta list of job sites for job hunters in the world, to tips how to secure funding or scholarships, and to how to conduct and disseminate research. We continue to develop new guides all the time and have several coming out in the near future. Please use our guides, share with others and offer your suggestions for new ones that should be developed. To make suggestions visit or the Suggestions for PCDN Page.

5) Offer Suggestions How to Improve PCDN If you have suggestions for new projects you would like to see PCDN undertake or how to improve the network, please continue to offer your suggestions by clicking here.

6) Provide concrete Feedback on the Impact of PCDN We are always seeking ways to document the impact of PCDN. Input from PCDN members is critical. If you haven’t already done so please take a minute to provide your input

7) Visit our Interview Section To date, we have conducted over 20 interviews with leading innovators in the field. Please take a minute to look through our interview section and also provide suggestions for other leading innovators that PCDN might consider interviewing.

Thank you again for being part of the PCDN community and we look forward to many years of partnership, learning, increased impact and helping to foster a more peaceful world.




About amybanda01

I am a purpose driven African woman of Cameroon origin. I enjoy exchanging New and Brilliant Ideas for growth, watching News and Movies, Practicing Journalism to inspire as a pace setter and going on Adventure. I run 3 flagship programs 'Monuments', 'Views, Voices $ Visions' and 'Cameroon's Crow' every 1st and 3rd Wednesday at 9.30pm, Saturday at 10am and Tuesday/Thursday at 6.30am respectively on Ltm TV. On my page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Amy-Banda/454524697979291?fref=ts details of certain topics on my show are discussed. Brain behind 'Voice of the Voiceless' and the relaunch of 'Good Morning Cameroon' show on Stv, I empower the youth towards innovation, self belief, talent discovery and personal development, nurturing a hardworking spirit and branding on most of my shows. I Love making new friends and I enjoy informing in tit bits.
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