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MAMBO MANCHO runs a series of entertainment initiatives that celebrate raw talents and gives hope to persons with hidden potential. Born in the town of Bamenda, she grew up with her parents who did all to finance the education of their children and give them good home training. Filled with zest, beauty and style to excel in the entertainment industry, the Cameroonian woman carrying the pride of Africa in her palms, wrote many stories for films in the CFI. Despite the busy schedule and arising demand of writing plots and developing them, Mamz as she is fondly called, still found time to act in most of the movies ( ), open the silver line entertainment enterprise which also runs the Ebony project, an annual event that organizes seminars to train entertainers (Producers, Directors, Actors, Models, Writers, Musicians) and other stakeholders of the Entertainment Industry. Brainbox behind the Saliente Magazine Mambo Mancho attributes more attention to the entertainment industry through the much assistance she gives because the field requires the merging of mind and body to promote businesses in other sectors for economic growth and development. Believing there is a first time for everything, Mambo Mancho thinks the African woman is strong and has all it takes to chip in to promote and advance the continued success of thriving communities. Feeling every human being that went in for competition must either come out successful or failing, Mambo thinks the African Woman’s problem is first of all herself and her belief that she must always occupy the secondary positions. She thinks women must be bold to avoid mobilising masses for the men and stand for these political and leadership responsibilities so they can assume mandates to do straight work and define how much they can contribute in the process of change.

Isabelle KENNE Rise
Isabelle KENNE

At the helm of Rise media, Isabelle KEGNE confronts a hostile business environment to contribute basic simple and complex ideas for economic growth. After furthering her studies in Communication Sciences specialising in Advertising and Brand Building at the University of South Africa, she returned home to materialize her dream of running a communication company of her own. Nurturing the idea, engaging efforts, Seeing and embracing the opprotunity of delving in virtual communication, she deemed it necessary to emerge and grow in her Fatherland where she will not only add a plus to the SME sector, but as well take part in decision making strives that could get other women towards actions of her kind to promote the education of the girl child. In most of her works, she identifies the institutional framework that clearly defines how a woman can take charge of herself. Implementing projects in the man’s world is a thorn in the flesh of the passionate and motivated inspirational speaker who identifies her strengths and weaknesses everyday in the input of her communication set-up Rise Media. Her motivation has been influenced by family and personal drive to be of service to humanity. Leading by delegation is a tool that includes policy definition and coordination, representation and reporting, all tasks accomplished by the Rising Isabelle who provides businesses with education, offers support and awareness of all areas and works with partners and interested parties towards increasing girls’ chances of becoming self reliant. Her advice to women is that women are in th era of democracy which is a game of numbers and so the african woman must take advantage of the numerical strength and belong first to organizations that assume leadership, then work hard to merit the confidence of all, and then stand for election when the opportunity surfaces.

Irene ZIH FON and Comfort MUSA are two competent and successful journalists whose extremely professional, loyal, exceptional and transparent writing skills earn them international participation tickets to fellowships and recycling seminars that improve their journalistic work. Shortlisted for a one Million dollar writing fund, Comfort MUSA, President of CAMASEJ Bamenda is among a group of African Journalists attending a kenyan based programme to encourage innovative writing that can improve on the health of Africans. The African Woman whose daily strifes projects the virtue and strength of Mother Africa will in this story camp learn how to use digital and data tools to enhance her journalistic work. Restricted to human development and political initiatives, she will receive a grant to complete her project, afterwhich she and others will be judged by experts and winners will be selected. Irene ZIH FON sees journalism as a burden and blessing that either mars or builds society. Working with the GPI News Agency as a freelance journalist who specializes on online journalism, Irene was shortlisted by the US Embassy in Cameroon to be part of the team that covered the 2012 Presidential Campaign in Washington DC and other states of the US. The Challenging but constructive exercise nurtured desirable emotions and motivations on the professional who gave the World her best and left an impact on the minds and hearts of her followers.

Linda M. MABUH is a marine engineer working offshore with one of the shipping companies in Cameroon. She studied Nautical Science, Marine, Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the Regional Maritime School of Ghana where she specialised in the domain to beat or crush the belief and culture that women don’t work in the sector and returned home to develop the sector through encouragement campaigns to keep interested girls in the field. Having to contain with the schemes of chauvinistic caprices, she organized events to raise awareness on the ordeal women encounter and forms of injustice they are subjected to, despite their competence, just because they wear skirts. She has in her moves, reawakened the drive of many women who had abandonned the course of belonging. The African woman that she is, says blood may spill if need be to change the vision of men in the sector, bent to kill the dream of so many female marine aspirants.

All five African Women who have a big Heart in terms of friendships, constructive relationships and extremely transparent and loyal engagements, like puzzles, surfing the net (for quest of knowledge) and shopping. They all are unmarried career women with a vision, strategy and mission to galvanize growth induced initiatives that will improve the overall business environment in the nation, continent and the globe. God fearing and prayerful warriors, they acknowledge that much still remains to be done by the government to actively encourage foreign investment through the adjustment of reforms. They think the African Woman settles for less despite different divergent avenues granting them opportunities to take the baton and drive their dreams towards achievement. They even hold that the African Woman’s timid use of ICTs is still burdensome to development and peaceful projects to fight against the craft of corruption, high rate of unemployment, violence, misery, hunger and poverty. These difficulties have neither altered nor slowed down these African Women’s urge, energy, edge, passion and enigmatic drive to make the difference.

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I am a purpose driven African woman of Cameroon origin. I enjoy exchanging New and Brilliant Ideas for growth, watching News and Movies, Practicing Journalism to inspire as a pace setter and going on Adventure. I run 3 flagship programs 'Monuments', 'Views, Voices $ Visions' and 'Cameroon's Crow' every 1st and 3rd Wednesday at 9.30pm, Saturday at 10am and Tuesday/Thursday at 6.30am respectively on Ltm TV. On my page details of certain topics on my show are discussed. Brain behind 'Voice of the Voiceless' and the relaunch of 'Good Morning Cameroon' show on Stv, I empower the youth towards innovation, self belief, talent discovery and personal development, nurturing a hardworking spirit and branding on most of my shows. I Love making new friends and I enjoy informing in tit bits.
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