CONAC’s Efforts in Combating Corruption Lauded

CONAC’s Efforts in Combating Corruption Lauded
Results obtained in the fight against corruption in Cameroon using the Rapid Results Initiatives and the Rapid Intervention Unit were presented by the Chairman of CONAC at the 3rd Commonwealth Africa Regional Conference for Heads of Anti-corruption Agencies that took place in Mauritius from the 13th to the 17th of May, 2013. The over 50 delegates drawn from anti-corruption agencies of some 18 African countries lauded the efforts of CONAC to combat corruption using the two innovative approaches. The meeting was opened by the Mauritian Head of State, His Excellency Rajkeswar Purryag.

The Chairman of CONAC Rev. Dr. Dieudonné Massi Gams had several informal meetings with the different heads of delegation.

Delegates pose for posterity with the President of Mauritius (front row middle).

The Chairman of CONAC presented some of the main activities of the Commission at the conference.
The 3rd Commonwealth Africa Regional Conference for Heads of Anti-corruption Agencies took place in Mauritius, from May 13 – 17, 2013, under the theme “Fighting corruption without fear and favour”. The Conference provided a unique platform for sharing emerging best practices and country innovations in the fight against corruption and the promotion of good governance. The high profile meeting brought together over 50 delegates; mainly heads of Anti-Corruption agencies of some 18 African countries that belong to the Commonwealth.
While opening the conference, the President of Mauritius, His Excellency Rajkeswar Purryag, lauded the initiative of Commonwealth African countries to form a platform where they can meet and exchange ideas. This, he said, would facilitate cooperation and reinforce the fight against corruption in all the countries.
The welcome remarks of Dr. Joan Nwasike, Head of Thematic Programmes at the Governance and Institutional Development Division of the Commonwealth Secretariat, delved on the theme of the conference: “Fighting Corruption without Fear and Favour” . She noted that Africa Anti-Corruption Agencies have a chance to succeed amidst the current debates on the impact of Anti-corruption Agencies as they have resolved to synergize and lean on each other.
The focus of the meeting was the presentation of country innovative experiences in the fight against corruption. It was an occasion for the 18 countries present to showcase their recent achievements.
The presentation of the Chairman of CONAC, Rev. Dr. Dieudonné Massi Gams, entitled “The quest for rapid results in the fight against corruption“ focused on results obtained using the Rapid Results Initiative and the Rapid Intervention Unit.
The Chairman explained the Rapid Results Initiative as a technique used to implement Cameroon’s National Strategy Against Corruption. He noted that it involves the use of easy and cheap to realise activities, which produce perceptible results within 100 days. Thanks to this initiative, he said, virtually all sectors of national life in Cameron are today actively involved in the fight against corruption with the heads of the different sectors and ministries appropriating the fight.
The Rapid Intervention Unit, on the other hand, is the visible repressive arm of the Commission. It strikes following the denunciation of an on-going act of corruption. The unit gives an aura of omnipresence of CONAC and the fact that some of the interventions are filmed and broadcast over national radio and television stations within the commission’s audio-visual communication slot, ESPACE CONAC, has helped to inscribe in the collective conscience of Cameroonians the fight against corruption.
The Mauritius conference was jointly organized by the Commonwealth Secretariat, in collaboration with the Independent Commission Against Corruption of Mauritius (ICAC). In effect, combating corruption has been identified by the Commonwealth Secretariat as a crucial part of its work as Commonwealth Heads of Government have committed to root out systemic corruption at both national and international levels. The Secretariat’s Anti-corruption work has been guided by the framework of Commonwealth Principles on Promoting Good Governance and Combating Corruption.
Thanks to the Commonwealth, a Network of Anti-Corruption Agencies (ACAs) in Commonwealth Africa has been formed to enable South-South collaboration and learning. The Network seeks to broker the exchange of ideas and good practices among Commonwealth African countries and to encourage the sharing of experience in areas of comparative advantage, general political buy-in processes and pressures for reforms.
The Commonwealth Africa Anti-Corruption Centre (CAACC) has also been established as the prime vehicle for improving coordination and strengthening the capacity of Anti-Corruption agencies in Commonwealth Africa. The Centre, officially opened on the 25th of March, 2013, is a flagship project that should transform the Anti-Corruption Agencies in Commonwealth Africa into a vibrant network providing active exchanges on “best fit” practices and sharing solutions to common problems.
The participants left Mauritius satisfied of the quality of knowledge gained. Such knowledge is expected to help them to boost the fight against corruption in their respective countries.


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