Cameroon launches nationwide Anti Polio Campaign

The First phase of the National Campaign against poliomyelitis enters day 2 of work today in all 10 regions of Cameroon.

The Nationwide anti polio immunization exercise launched by Public health officials Thursday January 16, 2014 in Cameroon seeks to counter insurgence of the disease.

“We will be conducting a door to door synchronised immunisation campaign with oral vaccine,” said Michelle KEGNE, an active medic in Douala.

Before 4 cases were reported last year, it had been 48 Months since the last immunization exercise was launched.

But since many parents still doubt the source and content of free vaccines, a door to door campaign is operational to handle such cases. Codes have been devised by actors of the exercise to identify homes wherein children have been immunized, and homes to revisit in the 2nd and 3rd phases of the exercise to roll out polio of the kids.news_117795_0

The campaign is being carried of mainly in the southern parts of Cameroon following a polio outbreak last December in the West Region of Cameroon.

Immunisation takes place in all health centers of the ten regions till Sunday under the campaign in a setback to national & global attempts to eradicate the crippling and sometimes lethal disease.

It is worth indicating that Poliomyelitis is a highly infections disease attributed to poor hygiene and sanitation conditions. It affects the nerves, leaving victims paralyzed for life.

It is due to these devastating effects on infected and affected persons that government has been very keen on eliminating the disease.

* A live broadcast on the polio & malaria fight is yours Saturday January 18th, 2014 as from 3pm, exclusive to the Spectrum Television.

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4 Responses to Cameroon launches nationwide Anti Polio Campaign

  1. martha pono says:

    Amy, you want say make I start for born again for this old age.

  2. ray sally says:

    Pourquoi pas Ma Pono? Tu nous manque beacoup à Stv sur les emissions de Amy BANDA.

    • amybanda01 says:

      Hi Ray Sally,

      Thanks for notifying us of Ma Pono’s disappearance.
      She needed some rest after a sick leave but is back to stay.
      I hope you watched the March 8 Live on Stv when we delved on the possibilities of Cameroon attaining at least an MDG by 2015.
      She came alive for you. Keep watching. Last week, we talked on your satisfaction of Journalism practice in Cameroon (watch the replay Wednesday May 07, 2014 at 2pm and Friday May 9; 2014 at 3am and 4pm) and this Saturday, we will discuss prison conditions in Cameroon followed next week by Mental Care in Cameroon. You know everyone goes insame for at least 7 seconds per day and hardship entwined with lack of employment opportunities + the ever growing social ills have created knock on effects on the lives of many Cameroonians. I personally lived an experience where co-workers voluntarily, I mean to say willfully, disabled a great potential to a huge psychological breakdown. I would call this case a mad man had I not seen the forms of psychological traume he was subjected to. What about the people doing that to him? Are they sane? Let us talk about it. Good After Noon, You may as well want to join me on my facebook page? I am available because this keeps me alive.

    • amybanda01 says:

      Hi Ray,
      Ma Pono is back.
      Not to worry, you will have her quite often to satisfy your intellectual television needs in Cameroon.

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