Job: Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa , Deputy Executive Secretary



The Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA) invites applications from suitably qualified African scholars for the post of Deputy Executive Secretary in its pan-African Secretariat located in Dakar, Senegal. This position is categorised as one of the most senior management posts in the Secretariat and the successful candidate is expected to function as part of a team of senior programme staff under the overall supervision of the Executive Secretary of the Council.

Established in 1973 as a pioneering, independent, pan-African and not-for-profit organisation for the development of the social sciences in Africa, CODESRIA is today widely recognised as the premier centre on the continent for the generation and dissemination of multidisciplinary research knowledge. The position of Deputy Executive Secretary is a key one both in the development of the programme mandate of the Council and the realisation of the strategic institutional objectives set by the General Assembly of its members. In addition to deputising for the Executive Secretary as may be called upon, the successful candidate will also be required to:

1. Take a lead role in the development of new programmes and activities, and in the mobilisation of researchers across Africa to participate in them in accordance

with existing institutional rules and strategy;

2. Be directly responsible for the management of collaborative and special programmes undertaken by CODESRIA in partnership with other research organisations;

3. Play a supervisory role in the monitoring of all CODESRIA programme clusters and activities with a view to reinforcing synergies, sustaining efficiency, and verifying the quality of engagement between the Secretariat and the research networks which it supports;

4. Develop proposals for the funding of the work of the Council under the direction of the Executive Secretary and produce required activity reports for those who support the various programmes and activities of the institution;

5. Undertake representational duties on behalf of the Council as may be delegated by the Executive Secretary;

6. Promote contacts with researchers, professional associations and regional organisations within Africa, across the global South and in the rest of the world;

7. Lend support to other CODESRIA programme staff for the realisation of the scientific mission and mandate of the Council; and

8. Organise research and policy dialogue meetings within programme clusters for which s/he is directly responsible.


Applicants need to come from the social sciences or humanities with a close relationship to the social sciences, and:

1. Have a sound university education and at least seven years of post-doctoral working experience in a research and/or research training environment;

2. Have a good knowledge of CODESRIA and possess a demonstrable ability to mobilise and promote the work of African researchers;

3. Know and be familiar with the African and international scientific community;

4. Have first hand knowledge of the African university environment and a track-record of research;

5. Have a proven experience of programme management in an academic environment;

6. Be experienced in fund-raising, resource management and the preparation of reports for funders;

7. Have a distinguished record of publication in peer-reviewed journals;

8. Have demonstrable skills in the management of personnel in a diversified, multi-cultural environment; and

9. Be fluent in French or English and have a good working knowledge of the other language.

The salary level that will be offered will depend on the successful applicant’s experience and qualifications, and will be broadly comparable to those of similar posts in other international organisations.


More information about CODESRIA can be obtained from the Council’s website: It is CODESRIA policy to reflect the disciplinary, gender, generational and linguistic diversity of the African social science community in its structures. In this connection, female candidates and younger researchers meeting the qualifications set out are especially encouraged to send in their dossiers for consideration for this position.


All applicants wishing to be considered for the position are required to supply the following documents:

1. A written application;

2. A detailed CV describing the candidate’s professional experience;

3. Three reference letters, two of which must come from people living in countries other than the applicant’s country of residence; and

4. Three or four of the candidate’s recent publications.

The reference letters in support of candidates must be sealed and sent under separate cover and marked “Confidential Reference”, or scanned and emailed directly to the address below. The application letters and other supporting documents of candidates should be sent in a sealed envelope marked “Application Documents”. Documents that exist in electronic form can be sent by email. Both the applications and the reference letters should be sent to:

The President


Av. Cheikh Anta Diop x Canal IV

BP 3304, CP 18524,




All applications must be received by 31st March, 2014. Any application received after this date will not be considered. Candidates who submitted their applications last year on do NOT need to re-submit them. The Selection Committee will review them along with the new applications received.

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2 Responses to Job: Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa , Deputy Executive Secretary

  1. martha pono says:

    Thanks a lot, Amy. I have seen your mail, but unfortunately  I cannot postulate due to my health.      Ma Pono.

    • amybanda01 says:

      I am so sorry My Mother.
      I hope there will be another opportunity for you to work from home.
      Can you imagine I have been at the office since 6am?
      Do I even realize the health implications on my system?
      I had better gone home now.
      Lovely weekend & speedy recovery.

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